1. Build Back Fairer by supporting Fairtrade in Sidmouth 

    Local Fairtrade enthusiasts are supporting a social media campaign to ‘Build Back Fairer’ by highlighting Sidmouth businesses which...
    Sidmouth Herald
  2. Organics and Fairtrade entrepreneur Chris Morrison on living within your means

    ‘Don’t get into business if you have a good idea but your heart is not in it.’
  3. Fairtrade in Kidderminster - Wyre Forest District Council

    Fairtrade in Kidderminster - Wyre Forest District Council
  4. Fairtrade in Kidderminster | Wyre Forest District Council

    Fairtrade in Kidderminster | Wyre Forest District Council
    Wyre Forest District Council
  5. Fairtrade Foundation welcomes government's revamped climate goals | Confectionery Production

    The Fairtrade Foundation has welcomed UK government policy to cut carbon emissions by 78% by 2035, delivering a first in including global aviation and shipping within its targets, reports Neill Barston.
    Confectionery Production
  6. Newtownabbey civic buildings to be lit up for World Fairtrade Day

    Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council will be lighting up their civic buildings blue and green on Saturday, May 8 to mark World Fairtrade Day.
  7. FAIR Vodka: The First Fairtrade Certified Vodka In The World

    Selling expensive bottles in bullet proof stores to people who could sometimes not afford a rent made me wonder, something was not right.
  8. Ivorian Fairtrade co-ops are implementing data systems for ‘first mile’ traceability - Co-operative News

    The project is funded via a total investment of €565,000
    Co-operative News
  9. Bristol University's Fairtrade Network demand 100 per cent ethical cotton at SU shop

    The University of Bristol’s Fairtrade Network have launched a new campaign to demand the University change the SU cotton suppliers to 100 per cent Fairtrade.
  10. Ethiopia: Kombe La Dhahabu: First Fairtrade Coffee Quality Contest in Ethiopia

    Kombe la Dhahabu means 'golden cup' in Swahili - and this is what the winner of the first Fairtrade coffee quality competition in Ethiopia, Torban Anfillo Coffee, received for outstanding coffee quality.
  11. Fairtrade makes case for living income commitment to cocoa farmers

    Onome Amuge   Fairtrade, an international agricultural empowerment organisation has called on the European Commission and European governments to com
  12. St Neots infant academy is now a Fairtrade school

    An infant academy in St Neots has become a Fairtrade school after a successful project led by one of its teachers. Jo Antrobus, a Year...
    Hunts Post
  13. Newcastle West to become a Fairtrade Town

    NEWCASTLE West in County Limerick is to become a Fairtrade Town following agreement by all municipal district councillors. There was unanimous agreement in support of Newcastle West becoming a Fairtrade Town following a motion proposed by the Mayor of Limerick City and County Council, Cllr Michael Collins and seconded by Cllr John Sheahan. Mayor…
    Limerick Post Newspaper
  14. Fairtrade urges EU to back living incomes in West African cocoa supply chains

    Fairtrade has urged the European Commission and governments across the continent to recognise living incomes in upcoming human rights due diligence regulation for the region's chocolate and cocoa sector, reports Neill Barston.
    Confectionery Production
  15. The Benefits of Buying Fairtrade (And Why We Should Support It)

    There are many positive impacts of buying or shopping Fairtrade for people in developing countries. But the benefits aren’t concentrated in one area – they’re spread far and wide.
    The Web Writer Spotlight | @writerspotlight
  16. Global flower sales flourish, but workers’ pay is below poverty line, Fairtrade Foundation reports

    THE flower industry is worth more than £6.7 billion a year to the global economy, and yet the majori...
  17. Fairtrade takes big steps towards living wages for banana workers

    Fairtrade has announced a new base wage for all Fairtrade certified banana plantations. The revised standard marks a unique move towards a living wage, benefitting thousands of workers. This…
  18. Fun for all in Fairtrade Fortnight

    BOTH Skipton High Street and the centre of Embsay were a hive of activity as both received something of a makeover during Fairtrade Fortnight.