1. Mondelēz and Fairtrade Foundation offer financial support to female cocoa farmers

    The new ‘Cadbury Farmer Resilience Fund’ designed to protect cocoa farmer livelihoods during the COVID-19 pandemic is providing grants that will empower thousands of women farmers to start small businesses and earn a decent living.
  2. Brighter future for banana workers in Dominican Republic

    New Fairtrade scheme will help undocumented migrants obtain legal status and access same rights as Dominican counterparts
  3. Gifts for district's children to raise profile of Fairtrade

    CHILDREN across the district are receiving gifts as part of an initiative to encourage the next generation to think about Fairtrade.
    Keighley News
  4. AgroFair marks 25 years of Fairtrade

    Fairtrade specialist AgroFair has seen big changes in 25 years, but the firm's Frank Vermeersch and Luud Clercx tell World of Fresh Ideas that the job is far from done
  5. Fairtrade Foundation and Mondelēz drive grant scheme for Ghana cocoa communities - Confectionery Production

    A significant support package has been awarded to nine Ghanaian cocoa farming unions as part of a Mondelēz and Fairtrade Foundation scheme to invest in new climate-smart small businesses on behalf of their members.
    Confectionery Production
  6. Cadbury Farmer Resilience Fund supports thousands of women to improve income in cocoa growing communities - MyJoyOnline.com

    The new ‘Cadbury Farmer Resilience Fund’ designed to protect cocoa farmer livelihoods during the COVID-19 pandemic is providing grants that will empower thousands of women farmers to start small businesses and earn a decent living. Emerging from an existing partnership between Mondelēz International and Fairtrade under the Climate Change and…
  7. Lidl wants to increase its Fairtrade banana offer

    With 10,300 tons of organic Fairtrade bananas sold in 2020, Lidl wants to offer certified conventional bananas from Colombia and Ghana (currently being tested in eastern France). According to…
  8. Fairtrade Dairy Milk rolls off production line Archives - Just Food

    To the delight of the more socially-aware chocoholics in the UK, Cadbury yesterday (22 July) revealed it had started production of Fairtrade Dairy Milk.
    Just Food
  9. Fairtrade sales break the GBP1bn barrier Archives - Just Food

    Alongside the start of Fairtrade Fortnight in the UK, the organisation announced that Fairtrade sales broke the GBP1bn barrier in 2010. The category has proved somewhat resilient to the downturn, and with Sainsbury's and the Co-op backing the foundation, the category is only set to get bigger.
    Just Food
  10. Industry ushers in Fairtrade Fortnight Archives - Just Food

    As Fairtrade Fortnight kicks off in the UK, just-food looks at the major stories surrounding the event and speaks to Fairtrade pioneer and Traidcraft chief Paul Chandler about the challenges and opportunities facing the sector.
    Just Food
  11. The future for Fairtrade Archives

    With big brands switching to Fairtrade, what does the future hold for the ethical label?
    Just Food
  12. Fairtrade gifts handed to Bradford children

    FAIRTRADE Bradford is committed to raising the profile for Fairtrade products and ethics in the district.
    Bradford Telegraph and Argus
  13. LEON launches Fairtrade & Organic coffee range

    Naturally Fast Food brand LEON has announced the launch of its Fairtrade certified and organic coffee in Sainsbury’s supermarkets across the country on 23 May, including ground and whole bean.
    Retail Times
  14. Focus On Ethical Trading: 26 June

    Fairtrade continues to thrive
    The Grocer
  15. Sale of Fairtrade products in Poland sets record

    Poles bought a record number of products under the Fairtrade brand last year, with coffee and chocolate topping the shopping list, the Fairtrade Foundation stated in a report published on Thursday.
  16. A €1 million partnership supporting small organic fairtrade banana producers

    The Fairtrade / Max Havelaar movement has launched a €1 million project funded by the French Development Agency (with a €300,000 contribution from Carrefour) to support environmentally…
  17. Carrefour Supports Fairtrade Banana Project | ESM Magazine

    Carrefour is supporting a Fairtrade/Max Havelaar project aimed at supporting the organic fair trade banana sector in Peru and the Dominican Republic.
    ESM Magazine
  18. Fairtrade delivers multi-million coronavirus relief funding to cocoa and farming communities - Confectionery Production

    Fairtrade has delivered a €15 million Covid-19 relief fund reaching over 500,000 farmers and agricultural workers in nearly 60 countries, including key Ghana and Ivory Coast cocoa communities, writes Neill Barston.