1. Fairtrade America ends 2022 with new partners and increased commitments

    Fairtrade America partners, including Tony’s Chocolonely, Gallant International and Divine Chocolate, have announced a strengthening of commitments to the label for social justice and sustainability.
  2. Fairtrade America unveils top brand and consumer trends for 2023

    Fairtrade America has shared five key trends the organisation expects will drive consumer choices and brand action in 2023. 
    Global Coffee Report
  3. Cooperative power: Sourcing ethical diamonds from DR Congo | Retail Jeweller

    The term ‘artisanal mining’ is used and misused,” explains Matthew Morrell, a graduate gemmologist and founder of boutique gemstone and diamond merchant
    Retail Jeweller
  4. What exactly does 'certified fairtrade' mean? - Fashion Journal

    What exactly does 'certified fairtrade' mean? - Fashion Journal
  5. 7-Eleven Australia partners with Fairtrade Australia New Zealand

    Fairtrade Australia New Zealand discusses its newfound partnership with 7-Eleven Australia and its ongoing commitment to supporting a fair and sustainable future for coffee producers.
  6. What exactly does ‘certified fairtrade’ mean?

    With consumerism peaking over the gift-giving season, we take a look at how to shop more ethically and sustainably.
    Fashion Journal
  7. In Pictures: Limerick school hosts festive and ethical Christmas market

    STAFF and students in Castletroy College were as a busy as Santa's elves in preparation for their first ever ethical Christmas market. The general assembly area was transformed into a sparkling Christmas market which was akin to those in Vienna. All the hard work was enjoyed by members of the school...
  8. Ethically focussed Yorkshire coffee company North Star expands ... - The Yorkshire Post

    Ethically focussed Yorkshire coffee company North Star expands ... - The Yorkshire Post
  9. Fairtrade moves to enhance human rights and tackle child labour with improved cocoa standard

    Fairtrade has moved to enhance its support for human rights within supply chains through updating its Cocoa Standard terms of operating including geolocation mapping of farms enabling greater transparency, reports Neill Barston.
    Confectionery Production
  10. WRAP names new chief executive | MRW

    She is at present chief executive of Ashden, which promotes sustainable energy She built the global movement Fairtrade, which fights for better conditions
  11. Former Fairtrade CEO taking top job at WRAP

    Lamb replaces Dr Marcus Gover who will leave at the end of this year
  12. Harriet Lamb named new CEO of Wrap

    Lamb brings a wealth of experience working in the food system at Fairtrade and on climate issues
  13. Companies In The Ethical Food Market Focus On Sustainable Packaging To Reduce The Use Of Plastics And Be Environmentally Friendly, As Per The Business Research Company

    /PRNewswire/ -- As per The Business Research Company's Ethical Food Global Market Report 2023, the global ethical food market size is expected to grow from...
  14. This Human Rights Day, businesses must be held to account for human rights and environmental failures in their supply chains - Politics.co.uk

     By Alice Lucas, Policy and Advocacy Manager at the Fairtrade Foundation   As the issue of PPE procurement mismanagement during the Covid pandemic once again makes the headlines in the British press, it has reignited debates around the need for fairness, transparency and due diligence in supply chains. Some countries are further ahead than…
  15. U.S. Coffee Buyers Back Fairtrade's 'Living Income' System in ... - STiR Coffee & Tea Industry International magazine

    U.S. Coffee Buyers Back Fairtrade's 'Living Income' System in ... - STiR Coffee & Tea Industry International magazine
  16. Fairtrade’s Cocoa Standard raises the bar on global sustainable supply chains

    Fairtrade has announced an update to its Cocoa Standard with a reinforced focus on human rights, the fight against deforestation, traceability, and living incomes across the sector.
  17. U.S. Coffee Buyers Back Fairtrade's 'Living Income' System in Guatemala

    The ethical movement to ensure living wages for coffee farmers took a step forward with the announcement that Fairtrade International has signed up two commercial partners in the United States that will use its new "Living Income Reference Price"...
    STiR Coffee and Tea Magazine | Global Business Insight on Coffee and Tea
  18. Steps towards gender equality in the Pacific

    It’s been a year of gender empowerment for Fairtrade coffee producers in the Pacific through a new program called the Women’s School of Leadership (WSOL). 2022 saw the graduation of the first cohort…