1. Scotland tops list of UK nations for Fairtrade council areas

    SCOTLAND has the highest percentage of council areas which are recognised as Fairtrade areas compared with the rest of the UK, according to new…
    The National
  2. Scotland has highest percentage of Fairtrade councils in UK

    Scotland has the highest percentage of council areas which are recognised as Fairtrade areas compared with the rest of the UK, according to new…
  3. Fairtrade in new push for ‘clean gold’

    Following its success with tea, coffee and bananas, the Fairtrade Foundation is looking to further its engagement with the gold industry. “Not enough people know about Fairtrade gold. By choosing
  4. African Fairtrade gold to bolster commercial opportunities

    The advent of new supplies of Fairtrade gold from Africa could herald a jewellery revolution with the UK leading the way. That was the view expressed yesterday at the London launch of the first
  5. Cadbury moves into Fairtrade

    Cadbury is to become the biggest confectionery brand with the Fairtrade certification mark. The company and the Fairtrade Foundation aim to achieve certification for Cadbury’s Dairy Milk, the UK’s
  6. Fairtrade Foundation plays down low wage claims

    The Fairtrade Foundation has hit back at newspaper allegations that coffee producers using its label are breaching fair trade principles. The Financial Times has claimed to have found breaches in
  7. From Peterborough to Peru: Zoom into Fairtrade Christmas coffee quiz

    A Fairtrade Christmas coffee quiz is being held in Peterborough.
  8. Man behind Kidderminster's Fairtrade town status has died

    A DEDICATED Fairtrade campaigner and long-serving member of Wyre Forest Liberal Democrats has died.
    Kidderminster Shuttle
  9. The Next Frontier for Fairtrade: Living Incomes in Cocoa

    Two forward-thinking brands have deepened their Fairtrade partnerships by making additional financial commitments to cocoa farmers in their supply chains.
    Sustainable Brands
  10. Base wage for Fairtrade banana workers

    Fairtrade takes huge step towards living wages for banana workers across the globe
  11. How you can enjoy a Fairtrade Christmas in Peterborough and support producers throughout the world

    Peterborough Cathedral’s Fairtrade stall may be closed this year, but there is no reason not to enjoy a Fairtrade Christmas according to local activists.
  12. Introducing Oxfordshire's fully Fairtrade village

    AN OXFORDSHIRE village has become one of the first in the county to mark its special status as a Fairtrade Community with new signs.
    Oxford Mail
  13. Fairtrade raises concerns for Central American cocoa communities hit by hurricane Eta | Confectionery Production

    Fairtrade has raised concerns for cocoa farmers operating with its initiatives in Central America, as they face mounting losses from crops extensive damaged by Hurricane Eta this month, reports Neill Barston
    Confectionery Production
  14. Could you be a Fairtrade volunteer?

    Fairtrade products are rapidly growing in popularity as retailers and customers choose to support better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability and fair terms of trade for farmers …
    Saddleworth Independent
  15. Murals Honor the Farmers Behind Our Favorite Products, Benefits of Fair Trade

    The murals were part of a Fairtrade America campaign during October for Fair Trade Month, to raise awareness of Fairtrade’s positive impacts. Shoppers voiced their choice for Fairtrade and won various Fairtrade prizes.
    Sustainable Brands
  16. Fairtrade America Partners With Five Certified Brands To Encourage Shoppers To Choose Fairtrade This Holiday Season

    /PRNewswire/ -- Fairtrade America is the U.S. member organization of Fairtrade International, an independent, third party certification that betters the lives...
  17. “European demand for organic Fairtrade bananas has been increasing”

    The market for Fairtrade and organic bananas has been growing in recent years. Dominican banana producer association BanaSplash works almost exclusively with Fairtrade and organic bananas and…
  18. Ben & Jerry's partner with Fairtrade to help Ivorian cocoa farmers earn more

    Around 5,000 Fairtrade cocoa farmers in Ben & Jerry’s supply chain will receive approximately an additional $600,000 over the next year