1. Pandemic Sparks Boom In Demand For Fairtrade Food & Drink - Namnews

    Pandemic Sparks Boom In Demand For Fairtrade Food & Drink - Namnews
  2. Fairtrade Foundation welcomes UK trade deal with Ghana - Co-operative News

    Without a trade agreement in place Ghanaian producers, including co-operatives, faced import duties
    Co-operative News
  3. Pandemic sparks increase in global consciousness and boom in demand for Fairtrade products

    A boom in consumer demand for Fairtrade products in 2020, including bananas, cocoa, coffee and wine, is reflecting the extent to which the pandemic has sparked an increased global consciousness, changing the way Brits cook, eat, drink and shop.
    Retail Times
  4. Pandemic drives up Fairtrade demand

    Demand for Fairtrade grows during pandemic as more UK shoppers make ethical choices, says Fairtrade Foundation ahead of Fairtrade Fortnight
  5. Fairtrade offers living wage pathway

    Organisation aims to improve livelihood of people in banana sector through living wage and better working conditions
  6. Fairtrade Commits to a Better Future for Thousands of Banana

    Fairtrade International announces a comprehensive approach to supporting banana farmers in 2021 and beyond through efforts to achieve living wages and improve working conditions.
  7. £100,000 of post-Brexit tariffs slapped on Fairtrade bananas from Africa

    At least £100,000 of tariffs have been put on Fairtrade bananas from Africa because of Brexit. Several ministers are under pressure to explain why the levies are being charged, despite an…
  8. Brexit tariffs totalling £100,000 slapped on Fairtrade bananas from Africa

    Exclusive: Liz Truss under pressure to explain why punishing levies being charged - despite announcement that UK-Ghana deal was struck
    The Independent
  9. Youngsters invited to join in Fairtrade Fortnight competition

    Children from Sidmouth and the wider community are being invited to come together to join thousands of schools across the UK for...
    Sidmouth Herald
  10. Two Fairtrade wines to try for under €10

    Wines for the Weekend: A refreshing Chenin Blanc and medium-bodied Shiraz from South Africa
    The Irish Times
  11. Scotland tops list of UK nations for Fairtrade council areas

    SCOTLAND has the highest percentage of council areas which are recognised as Fairtrade areas compared with the rest of the UK, according to new…
    The National
  12. Scotland has highest percentage of Fairtrade councils in UK

    Scotland has the highest percentage of council areas which are recognised as Fairtrade areas compared with the rest of the UK, according to new…
  13. Fairtrade in new push for ‘clean gold’

    Following its success with tea, coffee and bananas, the Fairtrade Foundation is looking to further its engagement with the gold industry. “Not enough people know about Fairtrade gold. By choosing
  14. African Fairtrade gold to bolster commercial opportunities

    The advent of new supplies of Fairtrade gold from Africa could herald a jewellery revolution with the UK leading the way. That was the view expressed yesterday at the London launch of the first
  15. Cadbury moves into Fairtrade

    Cadbury is to become the biggest confectionery brand with the Fairtrade certification mark. The company and the Fairtrade Foundation aim to achieve certification for Cadbury’s Dairy Milk, the UK’s
  16. Fairtrade Foundation plays down low wage claims

    The Fairtrade Foundation has hit back at newspaper allegations that coffee producers using its label are breaching fair trade principles. The Financial Times has claimed to have found breaches in
  17. From Peterborough to Peru: Zoom into Fairtrade Christmas coffee quiz

    A Fairtrade Christmas coffee quiz is being held in Peterborough.
  18. Man behind Kidderminster's Fairtrade town status has died

    A DEDICATED Fairtrade campaigner and long-serving member of Wyre Forest Liberal Democrats has died.