1. Fair Trade USA Keeps Coffee Premiums Steady, Studies Revamp

    Fair trade coffee has been in the spotlight in 2023 after Fairtrade International, based in Germany, announced in March that it would lift its coffee minimum price and organic differential starting August 1.
    STiR Coffee and Tea Magazine | Global Business Insight on Coffee and Tea
  2. What happens when you charge more for ethical products?

    Could more ethical pricing structures encourage consumers to pay greater heed to the environmental and social costs of global supply chains?
  3. Library staff presented with Toilet Twinned Town certificates

    Members of the Scarborough, Malton, and District Soroptimist club, along with the Malton and Norton Fairtrade group, have presented Toilet Twinned…
    Gazette & Herald
  4. Kenyan coffee farmers already experiencing climate change: Fairtrade reports

    A new study published by the Fairtrade Foundation warns that 93 per cent of Fairtrade coffee farmers are already experiencing climate change.
    Global Coffee Report
  5. Morrisons takes surprise win on ethical Grocer 33 basket

    All the products in this week's shopping basket were either from B Corp suppliers or had ethical credentials
    The Grocer
  6. Fair Trade USA freezes coffee prices and premiums until the end of 2023

    The non-profit will not follow Fairtrade International in increasing its Minimum Price for coffee this year, with more than 600 Fairtrade coffee producer organisations urging a reversal of the decision
    World Coffee Portal
  7. EU ponders groundbreaking rules to help smallholder farmers

    The EU institutions are negotiating a directive for due diligence by EU and non-EU companies. Strong rules aligning with global business and human rights standards ensure sustainable practices. Fairtrade urges EU member states to prioritise smallholder farmers' rights and perspectives.
  8. ‘They have been very good to us’: Fairtrade group laments loss of town supermarket

    A Fairtrade group has reflected on the loss of a town supermarket which they said did a lot for the organisation.
    Suffolk News
  9. 'A higher purpose' - Cordillera Chocolates launches new sustainability initiative for female cocoa farmers in Colombia

    The importance to the cocoa sector of female farmers has been increasingly recognised in the past decade with the introduction of specific support for female-led Fairtrade cooperatives in West Africa, along with initiatives from other actors in different regions of the cocoa-growing world. Last month ConfectioneryNews attended the launch of…
  10. Fairtrade sees record number of women training as cocoa farmers in West Africa

    Record numbers of women are gaining training in advanced cocoa farming techniques in Ghana and Ivory Coast-based sessions, amid ongoing major challenges, according to the Fairtrade Foundation's latest studies, reports Neill Barston. 
    Confectionery Production
  11. University achieves one star Fairtrade status - Student News

    The University of Manchester has achieved a Fairtrade University award, after being audited for the academic year 2022/23. We first received Fairtrade University status in 2005 and have worked hard to develop our commitment to Fairtrade since this time. What is the award and why is it important? This prestigious award is delivered as a
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  12. Fairtrade sees record number of women training as cocoa farmers in ... - Confectionery Production

    Fairtrade sees record number of women training as cocoa farmers in ... - Confectionery Production
  13. University achieves prestigious Fairtrade status | StaffNet | The ... - StaffNet

    University achieves prestigious Fairtrade status | StaffNet | The ... - StaffNet
  14. Fairtrade and Climate Justice with Juan Pablo - Business Fights Poverty

    This podcast forms part of a series – examining how business addresses climate justice.How can fairtrade help create climate justice?
    Business Fights Poverty
  15. Fairtrade launches new Communities Scheme to mobilise grassroots campaigners for trade justice - Politics.co.uk

    The Fairtrade Foundation has launched a new-look Fairtrade Communities scheme designed to mobilise and resource grassroots campaigners across the UK to stand up for trade justice. Launched this month, the scheme will simplify the processes involved in becoming a Fairtrade Community. It aims to widen participation across all avenues of Fairtrade…
  16. Fairtrade ANZ announce the return of ‘Fairtrade Fortnight’

    Fairtrade ANZ has announced that Fairtrade Fortnight will return in 2023 from 2 to 15 August.
  17. Fairtrade ANZ and NASAA Organic explain the benefits of dual certification

    Fairtrade ANZ and NASAA Organic explain how they’re assisting coffee farmers to increase product demand, and maintain ideal living standards.
  18. Fairtrade products still sought by customers despite cost of living crisis - Co-operative News

    'It is encouraging that shoppers are staying committed to sustainability values even during hard times, to support farmers and workers getting a fair income'