1. Fairtrade farmer to visit Bristol - The Bristol Mayor

    Bristol Link to Nicaragua and Bristol Fairtrade Network highlight the visit of Erika, a Fairtrade coffee farmer, for World Fairtrade Day.
    The Bristol Mayor
  2. How A Trip Down Memory Lane Can Get Our Faith-Journey Back on Track - Ann Voskamp

    Kristen Welch and I are sorta, kinda, soul sisters? As I served on the board of directors of the ministry Kristen founded, Mercy House Global, and we serve together to dream up for you the best #FAIRTRADE beauty of The Grace Case and the Grace Flame Candle subscription that supports local refugees w
    Ann Voskamp
  3. Fairtrade Foundation confirms speaker for World Confectionery Conference

    The Fairtrade Foundation has confirmed Surmaya Talyarkhan, senior sustainable sourcing manager for cocoa, as its speaker for our World Confectionery Conference taking place this autumn in the UK, writes Neill Barston.
    Confectionery Production
  4. Fairtrade Foundation confirms speaker for World Confectionery Conference - Confectionery Production

    Fairtrade Foundation confirms speaker for World Confectionery Conference - Confectionery Production
  5. Ammanford's Giant Fairtrade Banana Split has successful return ... - South Wales Guardian

    Ammanford's Giant Fairtrade Banana Split has successful return ... - South Wales Guardian
  6. Focus On Ethical Trading: 24 June

    Can more sustainability messaging help bolster sales of ethical goods?
    The Grocer
  7. Successful return for Ammanford's popular giant Fairtrade banana split event

    AMMANFORD’S popular Giant Fairtrade Banana Split returned for the first time since covid and was a huge success.
    South Wales Guardian
  8. Top accolade for Harrogate school as pupils are hailed as ‘changemakers’ in Fairtrade award

    A Harrogate school has been awarded a top Fairtrade accolade for inspiring youngsters to make a diffference.
    Harrogate Advertiser
  9. How Fairtrade is encouraging sustainable choices during cost of living crisis

    As consumers prioritize price over the planet, trusted brands must work with retailers to keep sustainable shopping accessible says the foundation’s marketing leader.
    The Drum
  10. Fairbuds XL review: the excellent noise-cancelling headphones you can fix yourself

    This ethical and repairable design proves Bluetooth headphones can be more sustainable
    the Guardian
  11. Union Hand Roasted Coffee releases Annual Impact Report

    In a year when Union Hand Roasted Coffee became a B Corporation, received several accolades and further scaled its business in the UK and coffee producing countries, the specialty coffee roaster has charted progress on ethical purchasing and sustainable business practices in its Annual Impact Report
    World Coffee Portal
  12. Fair Trade customers urged to visit Headington store

    Customers who like to buy Fairtrade goods are being reminded that there is a specialist shop in Headington.
    Oxford Mail
  13. Fairtrade Chocolate Market Global Enhancements and Growth Outlook and Forecast from 2023 to 2029 by Key Players | Endangered Species Chocolate , Lily’s Sweets , Luminous Organics , Chocolate Stella - The Northwestern Examiner

    Latest Study on Industrial Growth of Fairtrade Chocolate Market 2023-2029. A detailed study accumula
    The Northwestern Examiner
  14. How is Fairtrade helping cocoa farmers?

    The global demand for chocolate is predicted to rise by 30% by 2020, to more than 4.5m tonnes – and the industry could be facing a shortage of cocoa supplies. Around 90% of the world’s cocoa is grown on small
    Co-operative News
  15. Brazilian farmers can now market Fairtrade products to Brazillian consumers

    An organisation to promote Fairtrade products within Brazil has been launched. Traditionally labelled as an exporter of Fairtrade goods, Brazilians will now have the choice to help farmers in the country and developing countries. Fairtrade Brasil is the newest Fairtrade
    Co-operative News
  16. Fairtrade Cocoa Farmers in Côte d’Ivoire have increased their income by 85% in four years - Co-operative News

    Fairtrade compiled the research by conducting interviews with farmers and surveying co-operatives
    Co-operative News
  17. Revolver tea scoops prize at the Great Taste Awards - Co-operative News

    The co-op won the prize for its organic Fairtrade mixed berry teabags
    Co-operative News
  18. Fairtrade and the invisible women of the cocoa industry - Co-operative News

    'The average female cocoa farmer earns 23p a day. How is there not as much outrage about this, as there is for the fast fashion industry?'