1. Fairtrade International elects new board members

    Eight members elected at the organisation's recent AGM
  2. Comment: Fairtrade coffee to benefit from climate-friendly competition laws

    A new initiative will help UK grocery retailers selling coffee to collaborate on sustainability in their supply chains, says Max Milward. “Every year the rains start later and the average temperature is higher,” Silvia explained. “When you talk to elder farmers, they always say that coffee has changed, that 25 years ago it needed way...
    Foodservice Footprint
  3. Miko wins the Fairtrade Frontrunners Award for the second year in a row

    Belgian company Miko won the award in the 'Fairtrade Premium' category.
    Tea & Coffee Trade Journal
  4. New Fairtrade organic avocados hit Ontario and Quebec stores - Grocery Business Magazine

    New Fairtrade organic avocados hit Ontario and Quebec stores - Grocery Business Magazine
  5. Miko NV: Double Winner of Fairtrade Frontrunners Award - TipRanks.com

    Miko NV (GB:0F99) has released an update. Miko NV has clinched the Fairtrade Frontrunners Award for the second consecutive year, being recognized for collecting the...
    TipRanks Financial
  6. "This generation reaps the benefits of the agrarian reform of 1969"

    "For bananas to be profitable for small producers, it was necessary to become Fairtrade certified," says Walter Javier Mauricio Canovas, general advisor of the Junta Nacional del Banano, the…
  7. Fairtrade Foundation teams up with Glastonbury Festival 2024

    The Fairtrade Foundation has joined Glastonbury Festival 2024 as an official campaign partner
    Somerset County Gazette
  8. Wild One: FAIRTRADE NARCOTICS - Cerulean - ABC Rage

    Flawless execution belies the covert complexity of this week’s Wild One
    ABC Rage
  9. One Year Later: Reflecting on a Journey to the Land of the Unexpected

    Papua New Guinea is a country close to the hearts of many of our Fairtrade ANZ staff, partners and customers. It’s a resilient nation in the heart of Melanesia with some of the best coffee in the…
    Fairtrade Australia New Zealand
  10. Fairtrade releases 2023 annual report

    The report showcases the organization’s priorities and milestones, including progress on sustainability issues such as tackling deforestation, human rights, and living incomes.
  11. Home

    Fairtrade is a system of certification that sets standards in the production of goods. For farmers it means safer working conditions and fairer pay. For shoppers it means high quality, ethically produced products.
  12. Fairtrade’s 2023 Annual Report highlights progress towards fairness agenda

    Fairtrade International released its 2023 Annual Report during its General Assembly, showcasing the organisation's priorities and milestones, including progress on sustainability issues such…
  13. Fairtrade releases 2023 annual report

    'Driving the fairness agenda' highlights the achievements of the Fairtrade system and showcases progress on key issues
  14. Fairtrade calls on European Union to simplify rules for the benefit of producers

    Fairtrade International supports the objectives of the EU Organic Regulation to strengthen the organic integrity of production, however full compliance with the regulation in its current form…
  15. Max Havelaar: The Dutch anti-colonial novel that inspired the Fairtrade movement and “killed colonialism” - The Currency

    The Leipzig Book Fair is the second-largest business-literary event on the European continent. Every year, it features the literature of one country – or language group –  as a special guest. This year, Dutch-language literature was highlighted. This really did whet my curiosity: Were there literary classics of world significance from the…
    The Currency
  16. Burley Woodhead Primary School holds Fairtrade football fun day

    BURLEY and Woodhead Primary School roped in local team Burley Trojans, and ex-Bradford star, Danny Forrest, to help promote sportsmanship, ethical…
    Ilkley Gazette
  17. UK consumers helped generated £28m in Fairtrade Premium for producers as Fairtrade - A1 Retail Magazine

    Shoppers continue to support Fairtrade with latest figures revealing that UK retail […]
    A1 Retail Magazine
  18. Jun 5: Royals to mark D-Day 80; Asda 'priciest for fuel'; Fairtrade turns 30; New BMW 1 Series – Car Dealer Magazine

    King, Queen and Prince of Wales joining veterans to mark 80th anniversary of D-Day The King, Queen and Prince of Wales will join veterans at a