1. Tony’s Chocolonely Aiming to Spark Further ‘Conversation’ with UK Chocolate Lovers

    The ethical chocolate maker has released three ‘Conversation Bars’ — available exclusively online and at Waitrose through January 25 — designed to provoke discussion around systemic issues in the chocolate supply chain.
    Sustainable Brands
  2. COP26 might be over, but the climate crisis is still real for farmers overseas, say Fairtrade APPG co-chairs - Politics.co.uk

    * Opinion piece written by Holly Lynch MP and Jason McCartney MP, co-chairs of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Fairtrade. The COP26 summit was a summit like no other. Delayed by a year due to the pandemic, the hopes, expectations – and stakes – for the event to deliver the critical commitments needed to limit... Read more »
  3. A&W Canada offers $1 Organic Fairtrade Coffee until March 15, 2022 - Foodology

    It’s back again! A&W Canada is offering $1 Organic Fairtrade Coffee until March 15, 2022. There are no coupons required. Ways to order Head to your closest location OR order ahead of time on the mobile app That’s it. Super easy to get your coffee for $1. Their organic Fairtrade coffee has a sweet warming
  4. Fairtrade America’s five consumer trends for 2022

    Fairtrade America’s five consumer trends for 2022
    The Packer
  5. Fairtrade America Lists 5 2022 Trend Predictions - WholeFoods Magazine

    Washington, D.C.—Fairtrade America, an independent third-party certification that partners with farmers and workers to negotiate better working conditions, has released five key trends that will impact how brands source ingredients and work to have a larger impact on people and planet in 2022. Shoppers are increasingly looking for ethically…
    WholeFoods Magazine
  6. Fairtrade America's five consumer trends for 2022 | The Packer - The Packer

    Fairtrade America's five consumer trends for 2022 | The Packer - The Packer
  7. 10 of the Best Ethical Coffees Out There 

    Buying ethical coffee really does make a difference to the farmers who put in incredibly long, back-breaking hours. Let us know if you try any of these! 
    One Green Planet
  8. Ethical Spending In The UK Surpasses £100bn: Report | ESM Magazine

    Annual spending in the UK on ethical products and services surpassed £100 billion in 2020, amounting to £122 billion, according to Co-op’s Ethical Consumerism R...
    ESM Magazine
  9. Co-op Finds Ethical Spending Has Hit Record High - Namnews

    Co-op Finds Ethical Spending Has Hit Record High - Namnews
  10. Ethical spending hits ‘record’ £122bn in 2021 - Retail Sector

    Ethical spending across the UK has reached “record” highs as it exceeded £100bn for the first time e
    Retail Sector
  11. UK ethical consumerism amounts to 122 billion pounds, according to report

    The UK’s ethical consumer spending and finance have reached record levels, according to supermarket giant Co-op, amounting to 122 billion pounds, however...
  12. Fairtrade America reveals 2022 consumer trends

    Fairtrade America has identified five key trends that will impact how brands source ingredients and work to support people and the planet this year.
  13. India's Pratibha Syntex & Fairtrade distribute sewing machines, FDs

    Pratibha Syntex, a vertically integrated manufacturer of knitted textile products, in association with Fairtrade, distributed sewing machines and fixed deposits to its 3,024...
  14. Have a go at the Church Times caption competition, and read the latest winner and top entries

    Have a go at our next caption competition (above) for a chance to win a prize of Fairtrade chocolate...
  15. UK annual spending on ethical products surpasses £100bn for first time

    Report says climate crisis and Covid have fuelled demand for plant-based foods, secondhand goods and greener gadgets
    the Guardian
  16. Responsible consumption: Why we should care

    The companies can create positive impacts by responsible production of their goods. And this can be ensured from the very beginning of the supply chain by ethical sourcing of the raw materials and also by ensuring fair wages to the employees
    The Business Standard
  17. What Do Ethical, Organic And Fairtrade Mean?

    Confused by food labels? You're not alone. Here's our ultimate guide to ethical shopping certifications.
    pebble magazine
  18. Tributes paid after death of former director of the iconic Bewley's Coffee

    Tributes have been paid to the former managing director of iconic coffee and tea company Bewley’s, who has died aged 77. Patrick Bewley, who passed away after a long illness, was involved in the Dublin institution for 53 years. He imported the first Fairtrade Certified coffee to Ireland in 199...