1. Turning point for chocolate? Theo pegs fairtrade and ethical sourcing as “fundamental principles”

    12 Mar 2020 --- US-based chocolatier Theo Chocolate is highlighting a turning point for the chocolate industry. Following its recently published 2019 Impact Report, the company pegs fairtrade and ethical sourcing as key principles of its ethos. Speaking to FoodIngredientsFirst, Monique Heineman, Brand Manager, explains how “the conventional…
  2. Fairtrade group welcomes Malawian farmers to Elgin

    SUGAR cane farmers from Malawi addressed a busy hall in Elgin as part of the community's Fairtrade Fortnight events.
    Northern Scot
  3. Sustainable Brands - Fairtrade America

    Fairtrade America is the US representative of Fairtrade International - the global leader in ethical product certification. Shoppers care more about where their food comes from. Fairtrade America works with brands to ensure their supply chains support farmers, their communities, and their ecosystems.
    Sustainable Brands
  4. Find out more about Fairtrade at Guildhall coffee morning

    A Fairtrade Coffee Morning will take place at Exeter’s historic Guildhall on Saturday.
  5. Central England Co-op urges shoppers to embrace Fairtrade Fortnight

    Central England Co-op is urging customers to 'do good at home and overseas' this Fairtrade Fortnight by supporting both farmers abroad and those less fortunate in their own communities.
    Convenience Store
  6. Aberlour shines spotlight on Fairtrade

    A SPEYSIDE village is encouraging locals to consider their shopping choices ahead of Fairtrade Fortnight.
    Northern Scot
  7. What is Fairtrade and how can I get involved?

    Literally put your money where your mouth is.
  8. What is Fairtrade?

    Buying Fairtrade products can make a real difference to workers in developing countries.
  9. Fairtrade label trusted by half of US consumers, as price no longer a barrier

    The certification program found that consumers consider Fairtrade products worthwhile – and worth the cost, an internal survey found.
  10. Consumers place trust in Fairtrade

    A 2019 GlobeScan study reports that 76 per cent of US consumers view Fairtrade brands more favourably
  11. Did you know you can buy Fairtrade flowers?

    Fairtrade are focusing on sharing how their African flowers help people to be paid a fair wage. We take a closer look
    pebble magazine
  12. 52 ideas that changed the world - 9. Fairtrade | The Week UK

    How paying farmers fairly went from niche to necessary
    The Week UK
  13. Orkney awarded fairtrade accolade - The Orcadian Online

    Orkney has been named Fairtrade Community of the Month by the The Fairtrade Foundation. The national independent certification body has awarded Orkney the accolade for August, out of the 635 Fairtrade communities – towns, cities, zones and islands –  in the UK, and 2,195 worldwide. All share a commitment to promoting Fairtrade in their local…
    The Orcadian Online
  14. Orkney renews Fairtrade zone status - The Orcadian Online

      Orkney has once again made the grade as a Fairtrade Zone, meeting the standards for a county where Fairtrade is widely sold, promoted, supported and understood. Orkney Fair Trade Group is celebrating the success of its recent application for renewal, having demonstrated a high level of support from local food producers, shops and cafes, […]
    The Orcadian Online
  15. Aberlour makes Fairtrade grade

    Aberlour is proud to call itself a Fairtrade Town again after the community worked hard to earn the status for a third time
    Northern Scot
  16. Lidl rethinks switch to Fairtrade bananas

    Not all of the discount retailer's German and Swiss customers have embraced the idea of fairly traded bananas
  17. Four Fairtrade wines to drink with a clear conscience

    Fairtrade ensures good practice, but not necessarily produce, so we’ve selected four wines high on quality as well as ethics
    the Guardian
  18. 9 best brands for Fairtrade Fortnight

    Support Fairtrade Fortnight by picking up some of these food, fashion and homewares brands - here are our favourites