1. World’s first Fairtrade nut-farming co-op celebrates tenth birthday - Co-operative News

    One of the biggest Fairtrade success stories in recent years is Liberation Foods, which celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2017. It was founded by Twin – t
    Co-operative News
  2. Fairtrade: different to normal trade

    Involvement in Fairtrade initiatives can be immensely rewarding but it can also be a hard slog, according to Green Baby founder and eco-preneur Jill Barker.
    Real Business
  3. Mayor and guests tuck into Fairtrade breakfast | abergavennychronicle.com

    The Abergavenny Fairtrade Forum celebrated ten years of existence last week by holding a Civic Fairtrade breakfast in the Council Chambers.
    Abergavenny Chronicle
  4. Fairtrade | warrington.gov.uk - Warrington Borough Council

    Fairtrade | warrington.gov.uk - Warrington Borough Council
  5. Fairtrade Foundation launches emotive new film

    Fairtrade Foundation launches emotive new film
  6. It's a fair way! - Co-operative News

    THE Midcounties Co-operative is helping to educate pupils from a Walsall school about the importance of buying Fairtrade products. Between 16 and 18 October 2006, children at Castle School in Odell Road, Leamore took part in educational workshops learning about Fairtrade products and farming in de
    Co-operative News
  7. Fairtrade Movement: Ethical Shopping Made Easy - TNT Magazine

    Thanks to the Fairtrade movement, it has never been so easy to demolish guilt-free chocolate and get wired on ethical coffee.