1. Fairtrade studies reveal its work offers vital boost for Ivory Coast farmers

    Latest research from Fairtrade into living standards for cocoa farming families has revealed that on average, those benefitting from its trading initiatives have seen a boost amounting to an average 9% extra to household incomes beyond essential provisions, reports Neill Barston
    Confectionery Production
  2. PACJA, Fairtrade Africa sign pact to build climate resilience in small holder farmers, agricultural trade

    Climate change greatly impact African farmers as evidenced by reduced yields which also affects trade. For fair trade, social justice must be at the core
    EIN News
  3. Research from Fairtrade shows how certification raises standards for poorest cocoa farmers

    New study released in time for World Chocolate Day shows farmers in the most impoverished circumstances benefit from growing cocoa rather than their non-certified counterparts.
  4. New look on the Hoek

    South African Fairtrade wine range Fish Hoek has had its bottles redesigned by Accolade Wines
  5. OCA Leads Group Investing in Organic Cotton Farming in India

    Farmers in the Fairtrade cooperative Chetna will get financial aid and non-GM seed to help grow 250 tons of organic cotton per year.
    Sourcing Journal
  6. Saddleworth Outdoor keeps it local and eco-friendly

    AN UPPERMILL business is playing its part in protecting the planet by expanding its ranges of clothes and items that are organic, sustainable, fairtrade and eco-friendly. Saddleworth Outdoor, on th…
    Saddleworth Independent
  7. OCA joins German cohort to drive organic cotton farming in India

    Netherlands' Organic Cotton Accelerator (OCA) has partnered with Tchibo, Dibella, Fairtrade Deutschland and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ),...
  8. Virtuous shoppers: Ethical trading category report 2021

    Growth in Fairtrade was monumental last year. But can a rise in ethical purchasing survive the pinch on consumer spending?
    The Grocer
  9. Is Climate Change Putting the Future of Coffee at Risk?

    At the African Fairtrade Convention, the International Research Institute for Climate and Society and Fairtrade will raise a red flag in a panel conversation on the intersection of human rights, climate change and coffee.
    State of the Planet
  10. Kenyan Farmers Among Thousands who Benefitted From Sh630mn COVID Relief Fund by Fairtrade International - Capital Business

    NAIROBI, Kenya, Jun 24- A section of farmers in the country were among the beneficiaries of a Sh630.5 million fund, allocated by Fairtrade International Kenya breaking news | Kenya news today |
    Capital Business
  11. Trade: Draft law for better regulation of food labels receives criticism

    Non-profit organisations "Fairtrade Luxembourg" and "Fair Mëllech" have issued a press release to point out a number of weaknesses in the proposal.
  12. LISTED: 8 places to shop 'ethically' in Reading

    SHOPPING IN 2021 is not the same as it was 10 years ago.
    Reading Chronicle
  13. Fairtrade expresses concerns over key drop in prices for Ivory Coast and Ghana cocoa crops

    Fairtrade has expressed key concerns at a 'disastrous' cocoa prices within key West African markets of Ivory Coast and Ghana, with potential impact on future sustainability for the industry, reports Neill Barston.
    Confectionery Production
  14. People willing to pay more for coffee that's ethical and eco-friendly, meta-analysis finds

    In a study publishing in the journal Heliyon on June 23, researchers combined data from 22 studies to conclude that in general, people are willing to pay $1.36 more for a pound of coffee that's produced in an eco-friendly way and are especially partial to coffee that's labelled ''Organic.''
  15. People willing to pay more for coffee that's ethical and eco-friendly, meta-analysis finds

    Beyond how much cream and sugar to add to their morning brew, coffee lovers also face more serious decisions: one of those is whether or not to buy ecolabelled coffee, which advertises itself as more ethical and environmentally friendly. But whether customers are willing to pay the extra price for these perks remains an unanswered question. In a…
  16. Fairtrade Statement On Supreme Court Decision For Nestlé USA v. John Doe et al., No. 19-416 - Law.com

    Fairtrade Statement On Supreme Court Decision For Nestlé USA v. John Doe et al., No. 19-416 - Law.com
  17. Sustainability drives consumer purchases

    Research from Fairtrade International and GlobeScan shows consumers are changing their purchasing decisions to make a difference on a range of issues
  18. Pladis-owned Dutch chocolate business Verkade returns to Fairtrade after six-year hiatus

    Verkade, the Netherlands-based chocolate and biscuits firm owned by international snacks business Pladis, has renewed its relationship with the Fairtrade organisation after a six-year separation.