1. Fairtrade standards enhance farmers’ economic resilience amid global crises - study finds

    Research reveals Fairtrade Standards, Fairtrade pricing, and producer support programmes positively impact certified farmers and their communities when compared to non-Fairtrade certified farmers, particularly in times of difficulty and distress.
  2. Comment piece by Fairtrade on EU proposed human rights legislation - Politics.co.uk

    Why the UK should take note of proposed EU law to clamp down on human rights abuses in supply chains 8.06.2022 By Alice Lucas, Policy and Advocacy Manager During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, factory workers in Leicester supplying well-known brands such as PrettyLittleThing and Boohoo, were found to have suffered a range of... Read more »
  3. Ethical shopping on a budget | CHOICE

    As the cost of living rises, how can you maintain an ethical approach to your purchases? CHOICE has some tips to help you keep your shopping list green, and your budget in the black.
  4. Go Fairtrade - Hackney Council

    Go Fairtrade - Hackney Council
  5. First fully organic cocoa-processing plant opens in Switzerland

    The country’s first 100% organic cocoa-processing plant has been established in Beringen near Schaffhausen to produce organic and Fairtrade certified semi-finished cocoa products.
  6. NBO Partners With Fairtrade Auto Services To Offer Private Banking And Sadara Customers Exclusive Priveleges | Al Bawaba

    National Bank of Oman’s (NBO) has signed an agreement with Fairtrade Auto Services (FAS), the authorised dealer in Muscat for Bentley and Lamborghini, t
    Al Bawaba
  7. Webinar discusses how wellness businesses can confront human rights issues in supply chains head on and keep up with ethical consumer demands

    UNCOVERING THE HUMAN COST OF WELLNESS: A webinar aimed at the wellness sector hosted by the Fairtrade Foundation, featuring perspectives from Mumanu and Liberation Foods, will aim to encourage businesses to address human rights issues in their supply chain and fulfil consumer demand for products that are free from exploitation. The companies in…
  8. Fairtrade International Launches Living Income Reference Prices for Coffee

    Spurred by the 2018/19 coffee price crisis and decades of price volatility negatively affecting farmers, Fairtrade International has launched its first ever living-income reference prices for Colom…
    Daily Coffee News by Roast Magazine
  9. BM partners with ethical chocolate brand...

    Workplace catering company BM has partnered with Islands Chocolate as part of a move to continue to improve sustainability in its chocolate supply chain.
    The Caterer
  10. The UK’s International Development Strategy raises questions about trade for development plans, says Fairtrade - Politics.co.uk

    Opinion piece written by Tim Aldred, Head of Policy at the Fairtrade Foundation Ever since the Foreign Secretary, Liz Truss, announced the new International Development Strategy (IDS) a few weeks ago, amongst a number of important issues, many have pointed to its focus on trade and economic development. What does Fairtrade make of it? First of…
  11. Peterborough Lido makes a splash after cafe is awarded Fairtrade status

    “Most people know that Fairtrade empowers families and communities in the global south. But not everyone realises that choosing Fairtrade also helps fightback against climate change.”
  12. Fairtrade urges UK shoppers not to abandon it when saving on expenses

    Ethical group Fairtrade says farmers in the developing world are struggling with a hit to both living and production costs. Therefore, shoppers are being urged to keep on buying Fairtrade…
  13. Fairtrade Sales In Italy Considerably Up On Pre-Pandemic Period | ESM Magazine

    Italians spent €553 million in 2021 on products containing at least one Fairtrade-certified ingredient, almost double compared to 2019 (€320 million).
    ESM Magazine
  14. Fairtrade targets wellbeing sector for latest webinar on supply chain human rights

    A webinar targeting the wellness sector, including healthier snacking, hosted by the Fairtrade Foundation, featuring perspectives from Mumanu and Liberation Foods (pictured), aims to encourage businesses to address human rights issues in their supply chain and fulfil consumer demand for products free from exploitation.
    Confectionery Production
  15. Fairtrade urges UK shoppers not to abandon it in ‘race to the bottom’

    Ethical group says developing world farmers are struggling with a hit to both living and production costs
    the Guardian
  16. The Best Fair Trade Coffees for an Ethical Buzz

    Fair trade coffee quenches your caffeine cravings and protects workers. Whether you drink it hot or cold, we researched the best Fair Trade coffee.
  17. Voyage Foods CEO: ‘If you look at cocoa and coffee prices over the last 20 years, they’re going in one direction’

    Voyage Foods – one of a new wave of startups reverse engineering common foods from coffee (without beans) to chocolate (minus the cacao) using more sustainably and ethically-sourced ingredients - will debut its cacao-free chocolate in September in a filled candy bar from a “European billion-dollar-plus confectionery company.”
  18. Pembrokeshire football campaigner invited to House of Commons

    A Pembrokeshire-based football campaign was invited to a Fairtrade Panel event at the House of Commons earlier this month.