1. Raise a toast to Fairtrade Fortnight’s ethical wines

    It may not change the world, but it’s a sip in the right direction says David Williams
    the Guardian
  2. Ness Bridge to shine for Fairtrade

    For the third year in a row, the Ness Bridge in Inverness will be lit up in blue and green Fairtrade colours.
    Inverness Courier
  3. Paula McIntyre: The easiest way to support Fairtrade is to buy their ... - Farming Life

    Paula McIntyre: The easiest way to support Fairtrade is to buy their ... - Farming Life
  4. UK supermarkets expand budget Fairtrade ranges as demand grows - The Guardian

    UK supermarkets expand budget Fairtrade ranges as demand grows - The Guardian
  5. UK supermarkets expand budget Fairtrade ranges as demand grows

    The ethical label has become mainstream, and is thriving despite the rising cost of living
    the Guardian
  6. Coffee farmers explain why Fairtrade is so important in Bovey Tracey

    As part of Fairtrade Fortnight 2023 two Rwandan Fairtrade coffee farmers are visiting Devon and on Wednesday March 1 they will be in Bovey Tracey talking to businesses and meeting Fairtrade supporters to talk about why Fairtrade is important to them and the impact Climate Change is having on their businesses.
    Teignmouth Post
  7. “As ethically, responsibly and sustainably as possible” — Market Lane Co-founder, Fleur Studd

    Melbourne-based Market Lane places relationships at the centre of its operations, paying higher premiums to coffee producers, prioritising staff support and ensuring customers understand the journey of their daily cup. The specialty coffee roaster, café, and retailer’s co-founder Fleur Studd speaks to World Coffee Portal about her enduring…
    World Coffee Portal
  8. Sainsbury’s promises ‘robust action’ after sexual abuse allegations in tea supply chain - Grocery Gazette - Latest Grocery Industry News

    Sainsbury’s has promised 'robust action' to safeguard workers in its supply chain after sexual abuse was uncovered at a Fairtrade tea farm in Kenya.
    Grocery Gazette - Latest Grocery Industry News
  9. There's lots going on in West Lothian to support Fairtrade Fortnight

    The event is running from Monday, February 27 to Sunday 12 March
    Daily Record
  10. Fairtrade Fortnight set to begin with Endangered Aisle pop up event

    Fairtrade Fortnight in the UK is set to kick off featuring a pop up, The Endangered Aisle, in East London, placing a spotlight on the major environmental and wider social challenges facing key supply chains, including the cocoa trade, writes Neill Barston.
    Confectionery Production
  11. Fairtrade Fortnight shines spotlight on farming climate crisis - Arran Banner

    Fairtrade Fortnight 2023 from Monday February 27 to Sunday March 12 will once again shine a spotlight on the climate crisis and the increasing threat it poses to some of the planet’s most beloved food products as well as the livelihoods of the farmers and agricultural workers who grow them.
    Arran Banner
  12. Fairtrade and the future of food

    Cocoa, bananas and coffee could be much more difficult to find in future as farmers struggle with climate change and low prices – that’s why I support Fairtrade, writes chef Melissa Hemsley.
    Wicked Leeks
  13. Keighley event to celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight

    FAIRTRADE Fortnight is being celebrated in Keighley as part of a series of events across the district.
    Keighley News
  14. Fairtrade - social justice for the world’s most vulnerable producers

    Faith viewpoint: Fairtrade - social justice for the world’s most vulnerable producers
    The Westmorland Gazette
  15. Underutilized jackfruit tipped as “future superfood” but only if production and post-harvesting improve

    23 Feb 2023 --- Deterioration of jackfruit quality during storage and transport limits the ingredient, nutritional and market potential of the fruit, according to a review of its phytonutrient profile and post-harvest quality management. The highly versatile fruit is a source of carbohydrates, protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals and several…
  16. Fairtrade farmers need the support of UK shoppers as inflation soars

    The UK imports 40% of our food so we have a vested interest in a continuous supply of good-quality imports, says Kerrina Thorogood, partnerships director at the Fairtrade Foundation
    The Grocer
  17. Monmouthshire events planned for Fairtrade Fortnight

    To celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight 2023 (27th February to 12th March) groups across Monmouthshire are holding events designed to engage, inform and educate people on the urgent threat to the future of food grown overseas. The events are part of the Fairtrade Foundation’s annual campaign to celebrate the farmers abroad who grow some of Britain’s…
  18. Fairtrade fortnight is back in the Vale and it's bigger than ever

    Fairtrade fortnight returns to Barry supporting farmers and workers. See the events on in the town to celebrate sustainability and a fair deal for…