1. Harsh truths are necessary if Fairtrade is to change the lives of the very poor

    Consumers need to know who benefits from projects supported by the premium they pay
    the Guardian
  2. Fairtrade accused of failing to deliver benefits to African farmworkers

    Government-backed study claims that wages on officially certified markets are below what is paid by comparable employers
    the Guardian
  3. Fairtrade is an unjust movement that serves the rich | Ndongo Samba Sylla

    In this extract from The Fair Trade Scandal, Ndongo Samba Sylla argues that the narrow approach of Fairtrade puts its financial rewards out of reach for many developing countries
    the Guardian
  4. UK falls in love again with Fairtrade bananas and coffee

    British public support for ethical label lifts sales of Fairtrade goods for the first time since 2013
    the Guardian
  5. Move by UK supermarkets threatens to bring Fairtrade crashing down

    Tesco is to join Sainsbury’s in changing the branding of some ‘fairly traded’ products
    the Guardian
  6. Fairtrade only really benefits supermarkets. A rethink is needed | Ndongo Samba Sylla

    The Fairtrade movement offers too few benefits to rural producers of the global south, writes Ndongo Samba Sylla, a Senegalese development economist
    the Guardian
  7. Green & Black’s new bar shows Fairtrade is under threat. But we still need it | Lucy Siegle

    Big food companies’ own ethical standards won’t solve the problems of global trade says Lucy Siegle, a journalist who writes about ethical living
    the Guardian
  8. Fairtrade chief defends cocoa sourcing scheme with Cadbury owner

    Michael Gidney insists farmers will not be worse off under Cocoa Life partnership with Mondelēz
    the Guardian
  9. Fairtrade Kenyan roses project audited amid corruption fears

    Supplier of cut flowers to UK supermarkets including Sainsbury’s and Morrisons orders inquiry into distribution of funds
    the Guardian
  10. Fairtrade was going to save the world: now consumers fight to keep it going

    Supermarkets now largely set their own ‘ethical’ production standards, and only a few big employers follow Fairtrade principles. So consumers must vote with their purses
    the Guardian
  11. Is fair trade finished?

    The long read: Fairtrade changed the way we shop. But major companies have started to abandon it and set up their own in-house imitations – threatening the very idea of fair trade
    the Guardian
  12. Have a heart, KitKat, don't break with Fairtrade

    Nestlé is big in York, but the city is fighting the brand’s decision to make life harder for African cocoa farmers
    the Guardian
  13. 'Profoundly disappointing': KitKat cuts ties with Fairtrade

    Fairtrade label guarantees farmers get a set minimum price and a financial bonus
    the Guardian
  14. Fairtrade urges UK shoppers not to abandon it in ‘race to the bottom’

    Ethical group says developing world farmers are struggling with a hit to both living and production costs
    the Guardian

    Divine Chocolate, the world’s first and only Fairtrade, B-Corp certified Ethical Premium chocolate brand that is co-owned by cocoa farmers, announced today that
    EIN News
  16. Fairtrade banana company ready to talk US expansion

    To support its U.S. market expansion, Equifruit will exhibit at the IFPA Global Produce & Floral Show in Orlando from October 27-29 at booth 4579. As a first-time exhibitor, it aims to…
  17. Fairtrade, ECOOKIM, Mars launch new initiative to help cocoa farmers in Cote d’Ivoire

    Mars, ECOOKIM and Fairtrade launched a new initiative to help cocoa farmers in Cote d’Ivoire.
    Farmers Review Africa
  18. Fairtrade International study highlights farmer resilience despite major global challenges

    Fairtrade International has released its latest report revealing that access to better prices, credit, and financial stability significantly has increased the resilience of Fairtrade-certified organisations amid the COVID-19 pandemic, writes Neill Barston.